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Authors: Ryan Gibbons and Glen Pfeiffer

Over the years, “hacking” has become a bit of dirty word. People associate it with viruses, stealing and overweight 30-somethings living in their parent’s basements playing “World of Warcraft.”

Today, we’d like you to look past those negative connotations and see the kind of potential that hacking really has in today’s world. We’d argue that in many cases, hacking paves the way for new features. People discover that a product is missing something, so they fix it. They might not have permission, but if it’s good enough, it could be included in the next version.

Take the iPhone for example. We all know that the first version was far from perfect, especially when it came to applications. If you hacked your iPhone (aka jailbreaking or flashing), you could be running the world’s first iPhone apps. Unsurprisingly, about six months later, Apple announced their own official App Store and over seven billion applications have been downloaded since.

In the hopes of bettering technology as a whole (and sticking it to the man at the same time), here are a couple popular hacks to make your life a little more fun.

All of these hacks and modifications involve at least one of the following: voiding your warranty, brass cojones, violating your terms of agreement, computer know-how, soldering skills, ninja skills and a third opposable thumb.

Due to the legal gray areas involved, we’re only going to list these hacks, rather than give instructions.

We’re not even going to tell you where to go to look for the how-to, save maybe one. cough*Google*cough.

iPhone Jail-breaking:

Why jailbreak your iPhone? True multitasking, the ability to use your iPhone on T-mobile, Flash on the iPhone, and FaceTime over 3G networks, just to name a few. After four years of development, the process is painfully simple –– the first iPhone 4 jailbreak was so simple, you didn’t even need a computer –– you simply navigated to a website on your phone and it did the rest. Apple stores even had to block the website on their firewall so that people would stop jailbreaking the display iPhones!


The majority of the Binary Boys columns are actually written on Dell Mini 10v netbooks, but not just any 10v.

We both tote around Dell Minis running Mac OS X. The process isn’t quite what we’d call easy, but we’ve been more than happy with our tiny, fully functional, sub $300 “Apple” netbooks.

Homebrew Wii:

Does anyone else think that it’s a little silly that you can’t play DVD’s in the Wii, even though it has a DVD player in it? You’re not alone. Without going into too many details, you can actually hack your Wii by fooling it into thinking it’s loading a “Super Smash Brothers Brawl” map when in actuality you’ve just accessed the DVD player. After which you’ll find yourself quite able to skip carelessly through the chapters of your new copy of Sex and the City 2 with your Wiimote.

Xbox 360 laptop Mod:

Ever wanted to show up to a lecture, throw your legs up on the chair in front of you and just play a little “Halo: Reach?” Well, with a little help from Mr. Ben Heck that could just be a possibility. This gentlemen, quite possibly the king of hardware modifications, has managed to stuff an Xbox 360 Slim into a ‘laptop’ that’s about the size of a small briefcase, but portable nonetheless. Check out for more details on that one.

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