Nov 032010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Wednesday morning after a grueling night of elections and subsequent results –– some shocking, some simple and some downright confusing –– Coloradans woke up to a bluish dawn that was surrounded by a nation of red.

But voters in Larimer County woke up feeling refreshed as two seats sat empty in the courthouse.

These seats were once filled by judges Jolene Blair and Terry Gilmore. They are now thrown to the gutters, as justice was served to two people who were sworn to uphold it.

The anger of the community was heard as Blair and Gilmore were ushered out of their positions by 61 and 62 percent, respectively.

This fury undoubtedly stems from their roles in the Timothy Masters case, in which both prosecutors aided in Masters’s wrongful imprisonment.

We at the Collegian love justice, and we applauded the voters of Larimer County for using their suffrage to rid the county of two officials who proved to be unethical.

Since 1988 Gilmore and Blair are only the eighth and ninth judges to not be retained by voters in Colorado.

The actions of judges are not usually held in the limelight and not usually known to the community. Therefore, firings of this nature are not common.

Voters recognized the impact these judges had in the Masters case and responded accordingly.

The morality of voters has proven that citizens still uphold their right to keep the justice system in check.

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