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Authors: Michael Elizabeth Sakas

Belle & Sebastian have been at the top of my “I need to look into these artists right now” list for … years. Knowing the band has seven studio albums and multiple EP’s, the task is a daunting one.

Since I’m a giant music snob (hey, at least I can admit it) I try to listen to an artist’s entire discography –– in order of release –– to get the best grasp on where they started and where they are now.

When Belle & Sebastian released their eighth album “Write About Love” in October, I swallowed my music-nerd pride and gave it a listen.

I might not have any idea where these guys come from, but I absolutely love where they have gone.

The 11 track album starts out with a poppy drum and piano beat as female vocalist and violinist Sarah Martin sings in a wispy, 1980s style reminiscent of a tune you’d hear off “The Breakfast Club” soundtrack.

The second song breaks into a dancy, upbeat synthesizer and snare, driven by Stuart Lee Murdoch’s Scottish voice. His lyrics are funky and bold: “And it’s fun, thinking of you like a move star. And it’s dumb thinking of you like the way that you were.”

Norah Jones makes a guest appearance in the beautiful duet “Little Lou, Ugly Jack, Prophet John.” Her unique voice is instantly recognizable as she croons, “Yeah you’re great, you’re just part of this lifetime of dreaming, that extends to the heart of this long summer feeling.”

The whole album sounds like a soundtrack to a really rad 1980s prom. They rock both the hoppy dance tunes and the bubbly slow jams. Feel free to awkwardly sway back-and-fourth with your seventh grade crush while listening; it would be completely appropriate.

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