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Authors: Jessica Gibbs

It would be a fair assumption to say men’s fashion is a much slower moving beast than that of the goliath that is women’s fashion.

This is not to say men’s style has not changed recently. There are many new styles that have crept up into the wardrobes of stylish guys.

For instance, there has been a shift toward a more put-together look. This doesn’t mean you have to wear dress clothes, just put some thought into your outfit.

Here are some easy pieces to put together before you head out the door. Don’t worry, it takes less than 10 minutes so you can still sleep up until you absolutely have to leave for class.

Legend has it guys like pockets––a lot of pockets. Since the weather is getting cooler, there is a remedy for both pockets and weather.

The cargo jacket has at least four pockets on the front and has a cool military look to it.
Look for something a little structured that hits just below the waist. These jackets come in darker colors and khaki so you can wear them with just about anything.

Everyone loves their jeans, but maybe it’s time to give them a rest every once in a while. Corduroys are a good alternative and not as bad as when you were younger.

Believe it or not, cords can be cool as long as you find a pair that has a straight leg and in a navy, brown or olive green if you’re more daring. Try pairing them with a flannel shirt or a simple v-neck tee.
To top it all off here is something for your feet.

Sneakers are awesome and come in all shapes and styles, but so do boots. Nothing fancy of course, just mid top boots will do. There are a variety of styles from a hiking boot to utilitarian, just nothing chunky or really tall. Boots are great for the winter, especially in the snow, and allow you to change it up from wearing sneakers.

Style should be nothing to worry about too much, just take a moment to put a look together you feel comfortable in. Perhaps you may even start to attract the ladies when they notice your cool new attire, because let’s be honest, that’s what truly matters.

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