Nov 022010
Authors: Justin Rampy

Continuing a 74-year Republican dominance of the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office, Justin Smith won the race with 52.02 percent of all votes from Larimer County.

The Pinyon Pine ballroom at the Embassy Suites hotel in Loveland held this year’s Larimer County GOP election night watch party. Justin Smith and his family were in attendance to celebrate his own win as well as the GOP wins in Congress.

Smith’s most overwhelming feeling of the night was relief. The race was hard fought and well contested, so finding out he was ahead by 14 percent at first report came as comforting news.

Jay Harrison, the Democratic candidate, was the closest runner-up. He was unable to be reached for comment.
Smith said that his tenure starts even before he takes office. He has the next couple months to put together his management team and set up his vision for the sheriff’s office.

“You’ve gotta build the organization so you can move into your future plans,” he said.

He wants to have every piece in place in order to make his transition as smooth as possible.

According to Smith, there is usually a little anxiousness among the ranks when leadership gets transferred. He said, “There’s always going to be a new energy” and giving the staff a vision, he hopes, “will get the office moving” once he takes office on Jan. 11, 2011.

Jim Alderdan was present at the beginning of the night to share in the festivities and delight of Smith’s projected win. Alderdan expressly endorsed his major deputy throughout his campaign to take the sheriff’s seat.
Alderdan was sheriff for 12 years and created quite a legacy in the LCSO, according to Smith.

“I think he’s satisfied because he was able to achieve a lot of things in the organization, but there just comes a time to move on,” Smith said.

The two of them were able to spend a limited amount of time together at the event before Alderdan left.

Smith and Harrison’s future relationship is yet to be determined, but Smith believes Harrison will leave the LCSO. As for the rest of current employees, Smith welcomes any and all of them that are ready to “get on board with the new plans and new vision for the department.”

Smith won with 52.02 percent of the vote while Harrison had 39.06 percent and Bean (I) had 8.92 percent, as of 11:43 p.m.

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