Nov 022010
Authors: Editorial Staff

Today, after the dust has settled on this highly contentious, emotional and scandal-ridden election season, we will finally see a swath of new leaders in our state –– and with it, a new political environment.

As we write Our View, we don’t know who Colorado has elected to represent it in any level of government. But to those candidates who won their elections this year, we congratulate you and hope you represent, to the best of your abilities, those who gave you your positions. To those who lost, swallow your pride, accept your defeat and fight to keep your competition honest.

If last night’s results echoed the predictions of PBS’s Newshour, the National Review and Politico, we will see an environment today that looks very similar to that of the 1994 elections. Back then Republicans retook the House of Representatives from Democrats by gaining 54 seats. This year, pollsters are predicting Republicans to make a similar showing, gaining between 48 and 60 seats; they only need 39 to take control.

Republicans be warned. With great gains in political representation comes great responsibility.

Many Coloradans are infuriated by the lack of compromise and cooperation Democrats have pursued with their agenda in the past two years, and this would be a prime time to show voters that those two words haven’t left the political psyche.

The question is, will you work across the table and bring in a golden age of bipartisan legislature? Or will you cut your nose to spite your face?

Admittedly, we think hope is slim for seeing any sort of long-lasting bipartisan cooperation any time soon. But Markey or Gardner, Hickenlooper or Tancredo, Bennet or Buck, we think the opportunity is greater now than we’ve seen at any time in the past decade.

So be smart. Be bold. And give us the change our state and nation really need.

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