Yays & Nays

Nov 012010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Yay | to Ludacris coming to Moby Arena for a free show Nov. 18. The “Word of Mouf” is that you’ll need to buy some “Chicken-n-Beer” from “The Red Light District” to gain access the “Theater of the Mind” and open up the “Ludaversal.”

Nay | to midterms. How do professors expect us to concentrate when we have Luda on the mind?

Yay | to Election Day being, well, today. Vote early and, if you’re like the Kennedys, vote often.

Nay | to the end of campaign ads. Demonic sheep, Nazi Republicans and inaccurate voting records, oh my! What ever will we do without them? Oh yeah, not to be annoyed.

Yay | to surviving Halloween. It was a battle, but it seems most made it through the revealing clothing and drunken shenanigans. Here’s to surviving next weekend.

Nay | to the pedophiliac beards created by No-Shave November. Everything seems OK now, but just you wait until your man-friend gets an entire turkey leg stuck in his Velcro beard on Thanksgiving.

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