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Authors: Jordyn Dahl

The student government Supreme Court released its decision yesterday to not hear a case regarding an internal complaint filed against Vice President Jennifer Babos concerning if she is required to chair Senate.

The official release of the decision stated that all other means to resolve a conflict must be utilized before the Court will hear a case.
Senator Keegan Schulz, who filed the complaint, went directly to the Supreme Court in lieu of writing a resolution, saying it would be faster for the Court to make a decision.

Schulz filed the complaint on Oct. 8 and asked the Court to clarify whether or not Babos was required to run Senate by the Associated Students of CSU constitution.

The constitution names the vice president as speaker of the body and states, in the absence of the speaker, the speaker pro tempore steps in.
Babos broke precedent earlier this semester by not chairing Senate, a role carried out by vice presidents in the past. Babos said she is trying to move her position in a new direction and is doing more than vice presidents have done historically.

Babos has chaired Senate since President Cooper Anderson and Babos addressed the body on Sept. 28, asking them to write legislation that states what Babos’ role should be. Anderson also said she will chair until a decision has been made.

The release said there was no victim in the case because the complaint did not demonstrate that Babos’ decision to not chair was causing harm to anyone in fulfilling her executive duties.

A brief sent in by Anderson and Director of Finance Jordan Von Bokern on behalf of Babos stated a similar argument and said the complaint asked the Court to preempt the authority of the legislation, an argument the Court agreed with.

“Maintaining the constitution and the Senate’s bylaws is the responsibility of the legislative branch, and asking the Court to take on that responsibility simply because the process may be quicker is inappropriate and in no way demonstrates legal standing,” said Chief Justice Nicholas Yoswa in the release.

It is unknown whether a senator will write legislation clarifying Babos’ role, but Schulz said he would not be the one to do it.

“The current system (of Babos chairing when she can) seems to be working,” Shulz said. “I have more important things to work on right now.”

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