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Authors: Matt Miller

The Association for Student Activity Programming and the Air Force Reserve have teamed up to make CSU a bit more thuggish without making too much money rain.

After being approached in early October by the Air Force Reserve, ASAP put into motion plans to provide students with a free Ludacris concert on Nov. 18 that is comparatively cheaper than last year’s spring concert.

This joint effort, which ASAP leaders said has never been done at this capacity, is bringing in Ludacris with a goal cost of $45,00 in student fees.

Last year the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and Pepper concert cost almost double that amount, said ASAP Concert Coordinator Leon Martinez.

The concert collaboration, ASAP leaders said, provides the organization with a musical experience to present to the student body and for the Air Force Reserve to bring awareness to programs it offers.

In place of ASAP’s spring concert, students will have the opportunity to attend this performance and a large spring event, Martinez said.

Students are confident that bringing in an act of his caliber will result in a good turnout.

“He’s a popular artist and everyone kind of knows his music,” said Chris Frey, a sophomore landscape horticulture major. “With the popular rap that he does, a lot of people will want to go and see him.”

Even though students weren’t given the chance to vote on the act to play at the big concert this year, senior global tourism major Julia Tarazoff feels that turnout will be high.

“I think that it just aims for people who like hip-hop, but he’s a famous artist,” Tarazoff said. “I’m guessing it will be a good show because Ludacris is so famous.”

ASAP has conducted student surveys via RAMweb for the last five years on what type of act students would like to see at CSU. Hip-hop has always landed in the top choices, Martinez said.

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  • $100,000
    Student fees spent for the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and Pepper last year
  • $45,000
    Student fees spent for Ludacris this year
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