Nov 012010
Authors: Molly Ungerer

I think we can all agree that the scene on Halloween weekend is simply the best when considering the walk of shame. Generally, you can spot a hung-over classmate on any average weekend, but Halloween weekends really heighten the amusement of it all.

When Halloween is a factor in the still-drunken stagger home for these costume clad students, it makes it that much more eye-catching. When they’re all dressed up missing key accessories to their Vikings ensemble or have their bright red lipstick smeared all over the oh-so classy “stewardess” outfit, you can’t help but smile and occasionally point.

It’s one sight at night when everyone is traveling in packs; the guys all dressed in their Jersey Shore get-up, walking with the girls in their Little Miss Muffet attire as if she were working the corner. The sight changes drastically in the light of day the following morning.

Sunday morning I woke up to a note on my white board outside my door that read “s**t f*****g show, I tell ya.” I had no idea who left it, but I couldn’t help but laugh and hope that they made it through the night once they stumbled back to their room. I later talked to a friend who greeted me with “Did you have a good night? Did ya wake up naked in a ditch? Cause I did … ”

What do you say to that? So yet again, I just laughed and never got the actual explanation as to why that had happened.

My friends and I met up to grab some breakfast at a nearby diner. While crossing the crosswalk in front of a truck, we noticed that the man inside was vigorously brushing his teeth and buttoning up his shirt while he was simultaneously getting his phone out and steering his truck.

A few more steps down the sidewalk and a Ford Focus pulled up next to the curb and emptied six go-go dancers onto the sidewalk where they dispersed to their cars variously parked down the street. Some were carrying wigs and one of them was holding a pair of bound roller-skates.

We later came across some guy dressed as what I want to say was a jester sitting in the lawn of some local business just pulling the grass up. He was alone and all the color seemed to have rushed out of his face. Whether it was from getting violently ill the night before and part of this morning or if he’s just naturally that pasty –– I don’t know, but it only added to the previous scenarios we had already witnessed.

My personal favorite from this Sunday morning would have to be the lone girl walking across the intramural fields in oversized Spiderman pajama pants and what can only be described as someone’s living room rug cut in the shape of a halter top. There’s nothing quite like a solid walk of shame to advertise the mistake you made last night.

You have to enjoy the little things in life; even if that means just observing the students in drunken shambles trying to find their way back to their car, bike or bed that they had abandoned the night before.
Molly Ungerer is a sophomore journalism major. Her column appears Tuesdays in the Collegian. Letters and feedback can be sent to

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