Oct 272010
Authors: Sarah Banes

Superman, Hulk Hogan and Spiderman and a mob of other creatures took over the Campus Recreation Center rock wall Wednesday night in the spirit of Halloween.

At the first annual Rec-o-ween, the Rec Center featured activities like the annual Thriller Dance Competition, short cycling classes and wall climbing wearing costumes for the adventurous students.

“Over the years we have just had the ‘Thriller’ dance, but we are really trying to make it departmental by including a combination of activities, like a 15 minute cycle class and climbing the wall in costumes,” said Alexis Hendrix, the graduate marketing cooperator overseeing the event. “Students can also use this to try activities they think they might like.”

The Rec Center used fog machines to create a spooky feel for the attendees and decorated with orange and black balloons and streamers. About 25 people were in the rockclimbing area or scaling the wall at the height of the event.

Wearing a top hat with bunny ears fastened to it and calling himself “bunny boy,” Rec Center climbing assistant Tyler Hendersonsaid he was excited to see climbers take the wall in costume.
Henderson, a senior business marketing major, started climbing in January and has been working for the Rec Center since August.

Kelsey Salvo, a sophomore soil and crop sciences major, who normally climbs about three times per week, joined her friend in dressing up as popular Pokemon characters.

Salvo dressed up as Charmander for Halloween this year and brought that guise to the walls.

“I’ve been climbing for a long time, since I was about 14,” said Salvo, a Washington native.

“I would definitely come out again for this type of an event.”

Several sports stores around Fort Collins donated prizes to the Rec Center. These included ski rentals, JAX Mercantile gift certificates and outdoor equipment. Rec-o-ween was open to the CSU and Fort Collins communities.

Hendrix said that next year the Rec Center will look to host another Rec-o-ween event, hopefully adding more components.

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