Oct 262010
Authors: Kate Reitinger

Having trouble getting grades up to par this semester?

The Institute for Learning and Teaching, or TILT, provides workshops with tips and strategies for students on how to raise grades and improve in class.

Drew Rholl, an instructor at the center, said TILT offers an Academic Recovery workshop as a way to be more proactive and give students hope that they can do well even after a bad start to the semester.

“We don’t want students to write off the semester if they are doing poorly,” said Rholl, a Ph.D. student in microbiology.

This workshop offers several steps to recovery as well as tips for talking to professors, good study practices and several other strategies for making progress and raising grades.

Sophia Saeed, a junior business major, said the workshop was helpful and that she would recommend it to students who are not doing well in their classes.

“The most helpful thing I learned at the workshop was the attitude you should have when you go to your professor’s office for help.”

In Rholl’s lecture, he said it is easy to go in to your professor’s office demanding a better grade, but the best thing a student can do is find out what they’re doing wrong so that they can improve.

The workshop also emphasizes the importance of going to class and paying attention as well as planning ahead and managing time.

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Attend the workshop

  • Next session: Today from 4 – 4:50 p.m.
  • Location: TILT building Rm. 105
  • More information on academic recovery and other workshops provided by TILT can be found at tilt.colostate.edu.
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