Oct 262010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Imagine this; You walk into a liquor store, and on a shelf in front of you is an energy drink malt liquor hybrid, glowing brilliantly in the fluorescent light.

You believe you have found the Holy Grail of college drunkenness.

But although these legally sold beverages, like Four Loko, might seem like a great way to start a night of raucous partying, they are more likely to help the consumer wake up in pools of urine, or worse: a hospital.

Alcoholic energy drinks have become a trend at CSU and at many colleges across the country. This trend has seen occasional instances of students being hospitalized after consuming the beverage.

The Associated Press reported that nine college freshmen were brought to the hospital with alcohol poisoning at Central Washington University after drinking Four Loko two weeks ago.

CWU has, as of Monday, banned the drinks. Ramapo College in New Jersey has also banned the drinks, and Utah and Montana have restricted the sale of caffeinated malt liquors.

The recent incidents have caused the Food and Drug Administration to review the drinks’ safety.
And although regulation may be a little extreme, consumers of the drink need to be aware of the consequences.

CSU students need to realize that just because Four Loko and other caffeinated malt liquors are legally sold, that doesn’t mean they are entirely safe.

Just read the label. Four Loko in particular has a 12 percent alcohol content –– the equivalent of four beers according to the AP. This is obviously something that should not be overlooked.

If you wouldn’t drink 8 beers or 8 shots along with two energy drinks at once, then maybe pay attention to your limits the next time you open a Four Loko or any other malt energy drink.

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