Oct 262010
Authors: Ian Bezek

It has been a difficult election cycle for independent voters. The Democrats have utterly failed to bring the hope and change they promised.

As they’ve delivered none of the jobs they promised, nor the effective health care reform that they touted, it’s easy to say we should vote in the Republicans to punish the Democrats.

The problem is that this is precisely the strategy we followed in 2008, punishing Republicans for their incompetent governance and President Bush’s woeful presidency. Instead of getting hope and change, we just got the same crap from a different set of faces.

Particularly in our local congressional race for Colorado’s 4th district, we face a pathetic choice.

Do we vote for Betsy Markey, the lady who came to this very campus and told us she couldn’t vote for a health care bill unless it was significantly changed then voted for it anyway, betraying the wishes of her constituents under pressure from national Democrats?

And frankly, after the lackluster first two years of Obama’s time, it’s clear that Democrats as a whole don’t deserve to win voters’ stamp of approval this November.

But Cory Gardner is no better. He’s run an amateur campaign most recently highlighted by his confusion about voting records. He launched a scathing attack ad, castigating the voting record of
Edward Markey, D-Mass. Apparently he didn’t realize he is campaigning against Betsy and not Edward.
If he is this, frankly, clueless, how can we possibly trust him to read, understand and then vote on complex bills in Congress?

The Republicans strategy in 2010 has been to say the Democrats have failed. This is true but insufficient. If we keep picking the “lesser of two evils,” who has simply been less evil recently, we’re going to end up with a pretty rotten government (and we’re well on our way already).

That’s why, exasperated with the major party options, I met with Ken “Wasko” Waszkiewicz here at the Lory Student Center.

After meeting with Ken, I knew I’d found an ordinary American who would do his honest best to represent us in Congress. A graduate of Colorado State University, Ken has worked a variety of jobs and currently works for Fort Collins.

His focus is only on policy, rather than tearing down his opponents. While I don’t agree with all his ideas, his willingness to openly tackle the issues our nation faces is commendable.

A centerpiece of his campaign is energy, where he argues that we must launch a new energy revolution to catch up with the world, modernize our infrastructure and create plentiful new jobs. This policy would be greatly beneficial to Colorado in particular; it’s the sort of plan Colorado congressmen need to be taking to Washington.

Waskiewicz also makes an agenda of cleaning up Congress’ culture. He favors term limits and reducing the influence of career politicians. He’s absolutely right in this; an important element of a working democracy is competition. As Ken stated, “The 435 (Congressmen) in Washington aren’t the only people who know what’s going on.” We need to elect more different voices to Washington.

Ken is also willing to face the biggest problem facing our generation –– the national debt –– with a plan of action, rather than the vague platitudes that his opponents mouth. He said, “People need to understand that there isn’t a money tree” before laying out a plan of action with specific tax measures and cuts to fix the deficit.

To get more information on this plan, and his concrete plans for other issues, I encourage you to watch him yourself at http://www.youtube.com/user/kenwasko.

If we elect Ken Waskiewicz to Congress, we will get a CSU alumni who is an ordinary American, rather than another millionaire or lawyer –– and an American who will fight for our nation’s interest rather than his party’s.

Ken concluded our interview by saying, “I’m not beholden to any group … but the people.” He then asked why should we send another Republican or Democrat to Congress when past results have been so bad.

I agree with him, and thus I am endorsing Ken Waskiewicz for Congress in Colorado’s 4th District.

Editorials Editor Ian Bezek is a senior economics major. His column appears Wednesdays in the Collegian. Letters and feedback can be sent to letters@collegian.com.

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