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Authors: Anna Baldwin and Eugene Daniels

Costumes don’t have to be cutesy

By Anna Baldwin

Happy Halloween! In the spirit of the most haunted and brilliant holiday, Eugene and I decided to go with this theme and talk about couple Halloween costumes.

I just think they are great. How cool is it to go to a bar or party and see Adam and Eve?

Not only this, but couple costumes also lessen the amount of cliché, stupid costumes that people tend to wear. This is good news. I am not a fan of these, which include the slutty nurse, librarian or schoolgirl.

Also, Adam and Eve, as a costume, is very simple and not a budget buster. If you can go out to your yard and rake the leaves from your lawn, then you have most of the materials for this attire. Some duct tape or super glue is also required.

In fact, many couple costumes are easy on the wallet. Some Halloween stores give discounts to customers when they buy in bulk. Or to a couple, for example. This is the truth.

How many Juno and Paulie Bleeker’s did you see running around last year and the year before? Exactly.

There are also great contests for couples at various public establishments, and prizes could include free drinks or even money. In this case, there should be no hesitation in your guy’s mind as he is donning tights for your version of Peter Pan and Tinkerbelle.

And not only are couple costumes cute, but they can be so creative. It’s fun to take a well-known pair and put your own personal touch on it. Take it a step further than Adam and Eve and do Mario and Luigi or Romeo and Juliet.

Not into cutesy costumes? Try being a pair of Transformers or he and she Olympic athletes. Or for the humor factor, go with a pop culture bit like Tiger Woods and a mistress.

Improvising might also be necessary to make things relatable. Dress as a bike and a beer. New Belgium, get it?

I had a discussion the other day with friends on how dressing up as any inanimate object is acceptable and funny. Go with this idea when thinking up a costume for two.

See, guys? It doesn’t all have to be embarrassing. Women out there: take the initiative for this year’s holiday and dress up as a couple with your guy.

I am personally rooting for a Mario and Luigi because both people in the pair get to wear an awesome fake moustache.

I will give anyone $50 if they can get Eugene to dress up with you as one half of a couple costume. More money offered if you can get him to go trick or treating.

Couples costumes a terrible idea

By Eugene Daniels

Dressing up as a pair is great for kids. It’s great for “twin day” during high school homecoming week. But when a man (in college) dresses up to match his girlfriend for Halloween, it is no longer great but rather pathetic.

Now while that may be a strong statement, it pretty much sums up the way guys felt when I asked them about this topic. Dressing up with your friends is cool. Being the Jabbawockeez with your fraternity brothers is a great costume done with different people, but being Ken of Barbie and Ken is never cool.

Let me pause and say one thing: If your girlfriend wants to be something like a peacock, where she is the bird part and you are the –– oh well you know the last part of that word, then that would be hilarious and should be done. Any others are probably going to cramp your style and make you look like a douche. (If you are a douche disregard this because you have bigger problems and I cannot help you.)

You are a man! Tell your girlfriend you are going to dress up in whatever you want and you’ll meet her up later.
Caution! Another bold statement is coming up.

Men, if you do a couples Halloween costume, you are telling the entire world that you are whipped.

You are making it known that your girlfriend has taken your man part and put it in her purse. It is hers now. Say bye bye to it and your pride because you are not likely to see them ever again.

Now if you like your man part to stay with you, then absolutely do not dress up with her. She has friends for that (and if she doesn’t then break up with her because no one wants to date the friendless wonder).

Halloween is a time for people to be who they aren’t on a regular basis: to step outside of their comfort zones.
A time when girls show off the work they’ve been doing in the Rec Center this year (Oh come on you know it’s true).

Being in a couple costume puts you guys back into the comfort zone, making sure that the girlfriend is comfortable with what she is wearing because you have something similar on.

It is another way for couples to show that they are couples to the general public. You do it so that other people know you belong to each other. That is dumb –– really dumb for real (yes, that is from the bed intruder song). If you two know it, you don’t have to tell anybody else, especially by dressing up together.

Anna Baldwin is a senior journalism major, and Eugene Daniels is a junior journalism major. ‘Venus vs. Mars’ appears Tuesdays in the Collegian. Letters and feedback can be sent to letters@collegian.com.

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