Oct 242010

Every few years we are asked to learn everything there is to know about a group of politicians –– how they feel about key issues like immigration, government spending and education and how they’ll vote if we elect them.

After a few months of watching the debates, investigating voting records, seeing inflammatory commercials released to sway our positions and reading up on the ballot issues, we’re asked to vote for these people. Asked to put the next two or four years in their hands.

Early voting centers, like the one on the top floor of the Lory Student Center, allow people to head to the polls in the last few weeks of campaign season. This is a key tool in alleviating Election Day congestion but also puts voters at risk.

Over the past few weeks, candidates have squared off in debates and some of the most interesting history has come out. What if you hear about something that changes your vote but voted yesterday?
It’s not like you can call up the Larimer County Elections Department and ask for a redo. That’s crazy.

But if you insist on voting early, be informed. Read your Blue Book, which can be found on the Elections Department website, keep up with the news and be sure to visit candidate websites.
Be informed voters before mailing off your ballots or heading to the early voting center.

Remember, the people you choose to represent the state of Colorado or the 4th Congressional District have a great deal of power, and it’s important to make sure its in the right hands.

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