Oct 242010
Authors: Jason Berlinberg

The pool.  The kitchen.  The front door.  The baby’s room.  Get used to seeing security-cam style shots of these household vistas in “Paranormal Activity 2.” There are a lot of them.  

For those of you that are not familiar with the low-budget phenomenon, it is about a couple trying to discover the source of mysterious noises and oddities that plague their house.  Little do they know that the cause of the sounds is something supernatural rather than a simple intruder.

Like its 2007 predecessor, the film is told entirely through the use of low-tech cameras, an unconventional technique that some people might not appreciate. That’s not to say it gets as bad as “Cloverfield,” with its shaky camera work, but don’t expect anything great looking.

Although not over the top, “Paranormal Activity 2” holds its own when it comes to scares. You will sit there staring at a bunch of seemingly unmoving objects waiting for something to happen and then … bam! The entire theater jolts and freaks out when something decides to drop.  

If you did not see the first film, be warned that there is actually very little that happens in “Paranormal Activity 2.”  It utilizes a slow-burning approach that builds suspense over time, a technique that will be sure to bore and annoy some.  

And if you did see the original, take into account that the follow up is essentially the same film with a couple more characters. If you liked the first movie, grab a bunch of friends and enjoy the frights of a film that is perfect to watch for Halloween.     

Movie reviewer Jason Berlinberg can be reached at verve@collegian.com.

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