Oct 242010
Authors: Erin Udell

Cans Around the Oval had a record-breaking year as it brought in 61,000 pounds of food and $37,000 last week, an increase in monetary donations from previous years.

“I think moving forward, the focus is going to be to contribute any way that feels best for you, whether that be with money or food,” said Brett Rundle, the Student Leadership, Involvement and Community Engagement program coordinator for Cans Around the Oval.

With 2009 monetary donations totaling about $27,000, this year’s increase was a pleasant surprise for the SLiCE office.

“We are definitely happy with the support that CSU and Fort Collins showed for Cans Around the Oval and the Food Bank for Larimer County,” Rundle said.

For each dollar donated, the Food Bank can buy four pounds of non-perishable food items. With $37,000 the Bank will be able to purchase 148,000 pounds.

“This is the most money they have raised for us,” said Chuck Gill, assistant director of the Food Bank for Larimer County. “We thought it was a fantastic day.”

As one of the largest food drives for the Food Bank, Cans Around the Oval has raised money and canned food for 24 years.

“Cans (Around The Oval) is sort of the beginning of the food drive season for us,” Gill said. “By the time Cans (Around The Oval) comes around our supply is a little depleted, but that food drive gets us back into pretty good shape.”

Cassidy Black, a senior human development and family studies major, volunteered for Cans Around the Oval after coordinating the event last year.

“It was really cool to see everyone come together,” Black said. “It definitely wouldn’t have been possible without the volunteers. They showed up and did what they needed to do.”

“All in all, we considered it to be a huge success this year,” Rundle said.

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‘Cans’ by the numbers

Monetary donations in 2009

Monetary donations in 2010

Pounds of non-perishable food donated in 2009

Pounds of non-perishable food donated in 2010

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