Vail is back in 1984

Oct 212010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Do you like skiing? Boarding? Random other winter/outdoor activity on snow?

Then prepare for your life of free living and jubilation to be ruined by the The Man. Well, The Man’s annoying, sniffling, snot-slobbering sibling Big Brother.

You see: Vail Resorts is trying to slip the proverbial ski mask wool over our wind-burned eyes. The ski resort conglomerate – who owns Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Keystone and, of course, Vail – has secretly been placing small microchips in ski passes to track riders.

And by secret, we mean that the Denver Post clearly outlined their plan Thursday with nothing to hide. But, whatever.

They – Big Brother – claim benevolence. The program they intend to use will apparently have “cool” features, like tracking how many vertical feet and days have been skied. Or allowing people to show their whereabouts on the mountain on social-networking sites.

But we cry foul!

The next thing you know we’ll be unable to live anonymously. I mean, what if Google started cultivating our search topics? Or what if Facebook started tailoring advertisements toward our preferences.

1984 is upon us all. Well, I guess it was more than two decades ago, but you get what we’re putting down.

… Actually, it all seems pretty cool. But don’t say anything, OK?

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