Oct 202010
Authors: Ian Hopkins

Tom Clancy’s “H.A.W.X 2” or HAWX 2 by Ubisoft, is one of the finest flight simulator games I’ve ever played, but it is not for everyone. Everything about “HAWX 2” is oddly engrossing.

Visually, “HAWX 2” looks good … That is, until you fly a plane too close to the ground or building. It makes sense that the game looks terrible so up close. Jets shouldn’t be flying 25 meters from the ground anyways.

All of the planes I flew looked detailed. The visuals from the UAV and AC-130 Gunship missions looked as I assume they would in real life. The cutscenes for “HAWX 2” remind me of typical Tom Clancy games, but they feel graphically inferior to Splinter Cell and other Ubisoft-produced Tom Clancy games.

There wasn’t anything noteworthy –– in a good or bad way –– in the audio department for “HAWX 2.” The jets, missiles and explosions all sound good, but won’t transform your living room into a battleground. The voice actors in the game are good enough to get the job done as well.

Despite a steep learning curve for the game’s controls, flying a plane has never felt more fluid to control. For the first couple hours I was struggling to keep my plane on target. After you learn how to handle the plane, it plays smoother than butter.

“HAWX 2” knows its strengths –– dog fighting and flying multi-million dollar air combat machines –– but feels the need to force you to play boring-as-hell Unmanned Aerial Vehicle missions. These UAV missions are basically interactive cutscenes.
The AC-130 Gunship missions are better than “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare,” but it is just a mini-game distraction from flying the “real” planes. With online play and a decent selection of flying missions, “HAWX 2” will have no problem keeping aspiring pilots coming back for more.

As long as “HAWX 2” keeps you in the cockpit where you belong, this game shines.

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