Oct 202010
Authors: Johnny Hart

Have any of seen this new show “World of Jenks” on MTV? It’s amazing.

Not like Kanye “Amazing” or like the Amazin’ Mets from 1969, but pretty darn good.

The short of it is this documentary filmmaker –– Andrew Jenks –– got MTV to give him a film crew and a bunch of cash to follow around interesting people and live like them.

He’s been a homeless girl from California, a punk vocalist on the Vans Warped Tour and a poker prodigy living in Las Vegas.

Basically, he has the best job in the world. And he’s doing really interesting journalism. On MTV, no less.

This got me thinking: If I could be anything I want in the world, what would it be?

Really this week’s Top 5 regressing to back to me childhood, when I dreams and hopes. So just humor me, OK?

1. Rock star

Secretly I’ve always wanted to be a rock star. Still loudly I pretend to be a rock star drummer, much to my landlord’s chagrin.

But I think being a rock star would be one of the most exciting, fulfilling, interesting jobs in the world.

I mean, not many professions allow someone to affect the masses as much as music.

Plus, think of all the reckless sex and intravenous drug use. Haha, just kidding. I’m no Tommy Lee.

2. Professional athlete

Think of all the reckless sex and intravenous drug use … wait, this is athlete. Ah ha, but think of Tiger Woods. Or like, anyone who played in the MLB from 1995 to 2005.

See. Told you.

But, again, this job would be pretty cool. You literally play a game for a living. And attractive women will listen to your stupid sports stories no matter how uninteresting they may be.

3. Actor

This one is kind of cheating. See, actors get to pretend being other people. And, in the right role, they could be any one of these occupations.

Sometimes actors play actors in movies and TV shows –– see “Entourage.”

But then again “Entourage” is based off the early career of Mark Wahlberg, and he can’t even pretend to act in real life.

4. Royalty

Is it weird that I live vicariously through “The Princess Diaries?” As if I need people to call my manhood into any more question.

It would be pretty cool to live as a prince or something though. Like Prince Harry or William have a really rough life of partying and being famous.

And the only requirement: being born into the right family.

The only hitch: inbreeding.

5. Video gamer

Basically this is just me being lazy. This category could just as well be “website surfer” or “couch sitter” or “TV watcher.”

I believe I have a remarkable skill set of awesomeness that would allow me to be successful as a gamer:

  • I like Mountain Dew: Code Red,
  • I can sit for an inordinate amount of time, and
  • I have remarkably strong thumbs.

But I do have some weaknesses. I don’t like yelling racial epithets at online gamers, and I don’t use the word pwned.


Multimedia Editor Johnny Hart too loves being a journalist. Please send donations, for he’ll never make any money, to entertainment@collegian.com.

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