Oct 192010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Republican challenger Cory Gardner’s latest ad campaign is a little off the Markey.

In the new ad, released Tuesday, Gardner himself criticizes incumbent Democrat Betsy Markey for “voting for the most fiscally irresponsible budget in history,” referring to Barack Obama’s budget for the fiscal year 2010.

The problem with Gardner’s ad is that Betsy Markey was one of the few Democrats who did vote against that budget … and she did it twice, in both of the roll call votes Gardner mentions in his ad.


Some political pundits are speculating that Gardner may have confused Betsy Markey with Ed Markey from Mass., who did vote for
Obama’s budget. Not that that would help much.

Running a campaign ad accusing your opponent of voting for something they didn’t vote for is asinine. It’s not hard to check facts and names, unless Gardner doesn’t have sufficiently advanced mental faculties to read a voting record.

Whatever the reason, as political mistakes go, this one is pretty stupid.

But instead of just admitting the error and moving on, according to the Fort Collins Coloradoan, Gardner’s campaign spokeswoman
Rachel Boxer said Betsy Markey was “trying to change the subject” to distract from her support for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Well now, that’s a nice attempt at spin, but all it really proves is Gardner is a bozo who doesn’t have the integrity or the guts to admit when he’s wrong.

To quote Gardner’s own ad: “We deserve better.”

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