Oct 192010
Authors: Justin Rampy

If the sprinkler system were to go off spontaneously on one floor of a campus residence hall, students would be responsible for any damage to their personal property.

According to CSU’s Property Insurance Policy form, which includes all campus buildings, no personal property –– for students or employees –– is covered.

In a non-scientific poll of 100 students conducted by the Collegian, only 42 knew the university did not cover their belongings. The other 58 students were unaware.

In the same sample, 86 did not have a proper form of renter’s insurance, and 71 of those 86 said they didn’t plan on purchasing a plan while only 15 said they might consider it.

“The University highly recommends purchasing renter’s insurance to all students living on or off campus,” said Tonie Miyamoto, director of communications for Housing and Dining Services.

Renter’s insurance covers what would normally be covered under homeowner’s insurance. It covers all personal belongings including:

  • Books,
  • Clothes,
  • Personal electronic devices,
  • Bed spreads,
  • Furniture, and
  • Bikes.
    Not only does it cover belongings within a residence, but it covers those within one’s car as well.

Students can add coverage to their parents’ home-owners’ policies or purchase it individually for a nominal fee.

On the other hand, students living off-campus are often not protected either.

“We encourage students living off-campus to go through their car insurance companies who usually have renter’s insurance available to add on top of current policies,” said Kelsie Enderson from CSU’s Off-Campus Life department.

Enderson added that they encourage students to buy a policy because it is relatively inexpensive and provides a safety net for their belongings in the event of many natural disasters.

Staff writer Justin Rampy can be reached at news@collegian.com.

Quotes for renter’s insurance in dorms

Allstate quote:

  • For $10,000 personal property coverage with a $250 deductible and $100,000 of personal liability coverage: $116/yr

Geico quote:

  • For the same coverage Allstate provides: $171/yr
    State Farm & American Family do not provide renter’s insurance to cover dorm rooms
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