Yays and Nays

Oct 182010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board
  • Yay | to the CSU football team for blowing out UNLV this homecoming weekend. In UNLV’s defense though, they totally could go all the way in the state high school playoffs this year.
  • Nay | to Colorado Republican Senate candidate Ken Buck for comparing homosexuality to alcoholism. You, sir, should compare yourself to alcoholism: a disease that should be eradicated from the world.
  • Yay | to CSU’s connections with a variety of international universities, especially those from the farthes eastern reaches of the world. Because potstickers are delicious, always.
  • Nay | to veganism. We don’t wanna be hatin’, but seriously, animals are really tasty.
  • Yay | to fall. The pretty colors, the crisp air the huddled masses of people who are more than likely giving you the flu… what’s not to love?
  • Nay | to having to start using heat at home. It costs an arm and a leg just to stay warm during fall and winter, unless you don’t know how to turn on your heat. In that case, you deserve to be cold.
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