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Oct 182010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Despite common perception, the Collegian staff doesn’t hole up in Lory Student Center basement, crafting stories designed to burn politicians, the city, CSU’s administration or student organizations.

Instead, we function as how, we believe, a media organization should: as an independent entity that records history and holds people and organizations accountable for their actions.

Today’s front-page article about student government’s progress, or lack of thereof, in lighting the historic Aggie “A,” is an example of this vital function.

Last spring, as part of their campaign platform, Associated Students of CSU President Cooper Anderson and Vice President Jennifer Babos ran on the promise that they would amp up school spirit by lighting the “A.”

After talking to city officials about their plan in late January 2009, City of Fort Collins Director of Natural Resources John Stokes responded to the duo in an e-mail that said they faced a daunting task marked by several hurdles.

One issue is that the “A” is considered a historic landmark under city code. As per a 1923 lease agreement, Stokes said in the e-mail, and modification is subject to the City’s development review process.

Now today, a little more than half a year after Anderson and Babos were elected, the team has made little headway on one of its top campaign promises.

Though Anderson has said that ASCSU’s time has been better spent on other projects –– these include addressing issues of the potential 20 percent tuition hike with CSU administration –– it’s disappointing that student government’s leaders won’t admit that lighting the “A” has become an impossible feat.

Because ASCSU has a $1.7 million budget –– provided by student fees–– and because lighting the “A” would require a portion of this, we ask Anderson and Babos to be up front with their constituents and answer truthfully the question: Can you light the “A?”

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