Oct 172010
Authors: Shane Rohleder

Graduate students, retired professors, university directors, editors, publishers, artists and writers gathered on Saturday to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Master of Fine Arts Program at Colorado State University.

Ranked at 29th in the nation, the program is one of the most prestigious programs at CSU.

The celebration on Saturday acted as not only a reunion, but as a chronicle of the accomplishments of the MFA program over the last 25 years.

One such accomplishment has been the continuous publication of the national literary magazine The Colorado Review.

Current editor of the review, Stephanie G’Schwind, described it as a center point with arrows pointing outward and inward.

“Every place the review reaches not only helps up-and-coming writers, but points back to CSU,” G’Schwind said.

The Colorado Review has been in continuous publication since 1956, with short hiatuses in-between.

Bill Tremblay, retired professor and Director of the MFA program at CSU, brought the literary magazine back into publication in 1977.

“Literature is an essential part of human culture,” Tremblay said. “The Colorado Review aligns with university goals to give writers a place to get published, and connect experiences.”

“We’re ranked 29th for a reason: our graduates are getting published, they’re out there getting jobs that give back to the community in immeasurable ways,” Tremblay said.

Alumni are taking jobs as University Professor’s, Magazine Editors, Film Makers, Writers, and Environmental Activists; many attribute their success to the finding of their voice in the MFA program.

Matthew Cooperman, current director of the MFA program, highlighted the program’s accomplishments.

“The program offers a three-year terminal degree in a program where only 10 percent of applicants are accepted,” Cooperman said. “It brings writers together, and provides a foundation for emerging writers to hone their craft.”

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