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Where will two cans of food buy two hours of entertainment?

Tonight in the Lory Student Center, two cans of food will buy admission to a talent show hosted by the United Women of Color, or UWC. The event, which takes place from 7 to 9 p.m., will benefit the Student Leadership, Involvement and Community Engagement program “Cans Around the Oval.”

The United Women of Color, a student organization that has been on campus since 2002, seeks to promote good will in the community.

“There’s a mix of everything. There’s one girl who’s doing belly dancing, and we have people rapping and singing,” said Erica Lobato, vice-president of UWC. “One of the girls sings and has two back up dancers; hers is really good,” she said.

In 2007, due to lack of active participation in the group, the UWC disbanded after five years of operation. The organization restarted in 2009 when Lobato and Vanessa Nettingham, president of UWC, brought the group back to CSU. The talent show is the first event UWC has put on since its return, marking the revival of the group.

“We wanted to revive the group and get it on a level where United Men of Color is,” Lobato said. “We really want to start creating more programs that get our name out there and that solidify us as a group … This talent show is one of them to make our mark on campus.”

UWC boasts 20 members and has been working since the beginning of the fall semester to put on the talent show.

Hours of work were poured into finding an event location, judges to staff the show and talent to provide the evening’s entertainment, said Nettingham. UWC also advertised the event at CSU’s flea market and passed out flyers on the plaza in hopes of attracting up to 50 people.

“We each had to put up flyers as our profile pictures on Facebook,” said Shontay Culbreth, a freshman biological science major and UWC member.

“We’ve all bonded more. It’s been really fun,” she added.

According to Nettingham, the group’s events and programs are open to the community.

“I do stress as well that United Women of Color does not just mean African-American women… The talent is for everybody. We have a variety of acts for Thursday,” she said.

Last year, UWC wanted to contribute to “Cans Around the Oval,” but plans to help fell through.

The group is using funds raised by last year’s community events to put on the talent show, said Lobato.

The evening promises 8 to 10 acts displaying student talent and a comedian at the beginning of the show and in-between acts.

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