Oct 122010
Authors: Jennifer Saylor

University officials are looking to spend about $6 million to modernize the Lory Student Center Theatre.

With construction slated to begin in June, it is still uncertain if the university will cover the entire cost of the renovations, said Mike Ellis, LSC director.

A sponsorship deal with The Coleman Company, known for its outdoor supplies and camping gear, is still up in the air. But if it accepts, Coleman it would be required to pay for half, or $3 million, of the cost.

If the company chooses to forgo the offer, Ellis said, funds for the renovations are bonded and will not be taken from an increase in student fees.

Students collectively paid about $4.65 million in fiscal year 2009 and about $4.67 million in FY 2010, according to the LSC’s FY 2011 budget. This number is a compilation of fees contributed by full and part-time students who attend during the fall, spring and summer semesters.

Renovations look to make the space more versatile and allow for more theatrical productions, banquets and a new dance floor. The current seats are fixed to the sloped floor, but the new seating will allow for easy maneuverability and the seats may be removed temporarily.

The stage will also be raised 2.5 feet but will have less overall area.

“We wanted the space to be multi-purpose,” said Eric Berlinberg, deputy chief of staff for the Associated Student of CSU.

Berlinberg, a LSC building manager and junior business management student, said the construction plans aim for LEED certification.

LEED certification measures a building’s environmental sustainability and has three levels –– silver, gold and platinum. These are awarded based on a point scale that includes the categories of water efficiency, energy use, types of materials utilized and natural lighting.

Since the new theatre design includes broad windows on the north side, the space will require less electricity during daylight hours, making it much more energy efficient, meeting one of the major LEED requirements.

Acoustics, plumbing and heating efficiency of the theatre will be improved and the location of restrooms will be more convenient for guests.

The new theatre design marks the beginning of Phase Two of the Student Center Master Plan. CSU’s Transit Center, located in the north wing of the LSC, was the hallmark of Phase One, which was completed in 2004.

In 1962, James Hunter modeled the LSC exterior after a campstool. “We want to preserve the iconic exterior design of the theatre,” Ellis said.

The CSU System Board of Governors, ASCSU and the Association for Student Activity Programming all played a roll in the final layout decision.

Perkins & Will and Aller Lingle Massey, a Fort Collins architectural company, helped draw up final plans and is working to meet the specifications of the BOG.

The LSC was first constructed in 1962 and the building is now approaching its 50th anniversary. Representatives from ASCSU and ASAP hope that the $6 million renovation will be complete by this important milestone in CSU history.

Construction will begin on June 13 and may take up to one year. The transformation of student center is expected to be complete no later than May 2012.

Student government groups meet monthly to discuss the theatre design specification. The next meetings are scheduled for Nov. 3 and 4.

Staff writer Jennifer Saylor can be reached at news@collegian.com.

More on the Renovations

  • Will cost $6 million
  • Could be funded partly by The Coleman Company

Aims to allow for:

  • More theatrical productions,
  • Banquets, and
  • A new dance floor.
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