Oct 112010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board
  • Yay | to the rain. This weekend’s little spritz put out a fire near Horsetooth Reservoir. Who knew Mother Nature taking a leak could be so effective.
  • Nay | to breast cancer. With this month being Breast Cancer Awareness Month and all, we need to stand up in defense of all boobies everywhere.
  • Yay | to homecoming weekend. Can we finally set the West Lawn on fire again? I mean, the old Rams and heavy traffic is kind of annoying, but fire is pwetty.
  • Nay | less-than-choice play calling by the CSU football coaching staff at Air Force last weekend. Maybe good ol’ Stevie can pick up the pace just in time for homecoming.
  • Yay | to the start of the rescue efforts of the Chilean miners. We say big whoop. As members of student media, we willingly spend an unhealthy amount of time in our “cave” in the Lory Student Center. And we’re really pale. Some of us have rickets.
  • Nay | to the crazy Montana woman who attempted to destroy a piece of art depicting Jesus in the midst of sex. What’s the big deal? Who hasn’t witnessed sodomy between deities?
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