Lay off the roofies

Oct 102010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

As we’ve mentioned on so many previous occasions, we here at the Collegian like to drink.

And while we’re certainly not going to be the first to shame the student body for celebrating the joys and experiences that alcohol brings (legally, of course), we’re all for sharing our sheer disgust for those who try to reenact “The Hangover” by dropping Roofies or other drugs into communal party drinks.

What are you people thinking?

A CNN report recently said 12 people were hospitalized Friday –– 11 of them female –– after they consumed tainted mixed drinks at a party at Central Washington University.

And while the situation may not seem too extraordinary, it draws attention to the fact that, despite what everyone “knows” about taking drinks from strangers at parties, people still do it.

So here’s another message to the CSU community: If you’re spiking drinks at parties, please stop. Even if your intentions are as innocent as “trying to have a good time” or “experimenting,” your actions could lead to robbery, assault, rape or death.

And to the greater majority of students who don’t spike drinks, but do go to large parties with communal drinks: For crying out loud, don’t drink the jungle juice. Because even if the party host is a trusted friend of a friend, you don’t know what got thrown into that bathtub or five-gallon jug mix.

Keep an eye on your drinks, don’t share and don’t drink anything that tastes strange or salty. If you’re going to a party, bring your own mix for yourself or stick with beer.

Basically, use common sense.

We know you’re all smart and savvy partiers, CSU. We just hope you keep partying responsibly and keeping an eye on your drinks. Because you never know when that Pina Colada could be a Roofie Colada.

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