Oct 062010
Authors: Jessica Gibbs

As fall sets upon us and the temperature starts to drop, we all must don something new: layers, layers, layers people. There is a reason the September issue of every major magazine is the largest.

The fashion community welcomes fall with open arms, and you can too with these new trends.

Predominantly seen on the fall runways this season was a throwback to 1950s glamour.

Outfits were more sensual and curve hugging yet still conservative. Things to take away from this trend are high-waist pants, which is a relief. It’s a nice alternative to the low-rise jeans plaguing our waistlines and everyone else’s awkward glances when we sit down.

The military style is also an easy trend to translate into everyday wear.

Olive green and khaki colors paired with metallic accessories make this trend accessible for everyone. Take a military inspired jacket paired with a white tank and skinny jeans and you’re set. Add riding boots and prepare yourself for people coming to you for fashion advice.

The last trend that must be stressed is faux fur, and this takes some guts.

Real and faux fur was seen across many runways (see Chanel and their iceberg-themed runway), though the faux version is in more favor. Fur is not for the fashion shy and will turn heads most definitely, so wear it proudly.

Fellas don’t worry you have not been forgotten. First I would like to address something that most guys already know, but it should always be reminded.

Every man needs an awesome suit and this doesn’t mean it needs to be expensive.

A good tailor is your best friend; the suit needs to fit closely. This means nothing baggy guys, that train has come and gone. For fall, many designers opted for the three-piece suit.

For those of you who live more on the edge you are not left out; the leather jacket was seen all over the runways. Whether it was motorcycle or bomber style, a fitted leather jacket always looks badass.

If you’re wondering what to wear with this automatic cool pass, it’s simple and I’m sure most of you already have this in your closet: a plaid shirt paired with jeans, so cool.

Some parting advice for any fashion venture is this: if you are ever in doubt about what you are wearing, you probably shouldn’t wear it. That includes wearing sweatpants in public. Just say no.

Fashion columnist Jessica Gibbs can be reached at verve@collegian.com.

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