Oct 062010
Authors: Alexandra Sieh

In an act of solidarity to the University of Michigan, CSU’s student government passed a resolution Wednesday night condemning Andrew Shirvell for his anti-GLBT messages toward the school’s openly gay student body president.

With a vote of 14-0-7, the Associated Students of CSU will now send its support to a fellow student government entity, encouraging their strength against the discrimination of Michigan’s assistant attorney general toward openly gay Michigan Student Assembly President Chris Armstrong.

Described in the resolution as “acts of hatred and intimidation” toward Armstrong, the resolution addresses these actions as a “threat to all communities of higher education,” something serious enough to warrant ASCSU’s attention.

“This needs to be passed as quickly as possible,” said Sen. Ben Weiner.
“It’s reprehensible what’s going on,” he said.

In his personal blog, Shirvell attacked Armstrong’s character, declaring him a “racist with a ‘radical homosexual agenda’,” as reported by the Associated Press.

Now restricted from coming onto the Ann Arbor campus, with national questions of the limits of free speech and the rights of a public official sweeping through newsstands, Shirvell has taken a leave from office, with his possible questioning upon his return.

Despite broad support for the resolution, its relevance to CSU and the Senate came into question by some members.

Concerned about the importance of passing a “feel-good” resolution, Sen. Matt Niemerg said he’s “hesitant on doing any sort of endorsement on this action,” questioning the Senate’s place in ratifying these types of motions.

But as a resolution moved to emergency status and then passed, it now stands to be sent not only to Shirvell and Armstrong, but also to Michigan’s attorney general, Colorado’s attorney general and CSU President Tony Frank.

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