Oct 052010
Authors: Compiled by Alexandra Sieh

We should change the “Defend the Fort” banners on the light posts to pictures of the volleyball team. At least when they lose they score points.

Thanks to whoever jacked my headphones.You should know I have two ear infections and the buttons don’t work.

I was stuck in the elevator for three hours when the power went out. I had nothing to do but masturbate with the boogie man.

I believe in survival of the fittest, If you don’t know what a stop sign is, you deserve to get your bike hit by a bus.

Tour guide: “ Hello potential freshmen. This is the library and the LSC. Oh, I almost forgot the 40-foot tall aborted fetus display in the plaza. Moving on.”

To the guy riding his bike with a broken leg while holding his crutches: How do you do that?

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