Yays & Nays

Oct 042010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Yay | to the future of the Fort Collins Museum and Discovery Science Center. A new $25 million facility complete with 135 exhibits and a 360-degree theater that runs educational shows: What could be better? And yes, we know we’re nerds.

Nay | to a 20 percent tuition increase as a result of a potential $16 million cut in state funding. Where is that money supposed to come from? It’s not like we have Beemers and trust funds like the Buffs.

Yay | to October being GLBT History Month, Breast Cancer Awareness Month and National Hispanic Heritage Month. Can we also declare it Economic Uncertainty Month?

Nay | to the recent suicides of so many young, gay men across the nation. Hate crimes are absolutely deplorable and should be recognized as such by federal government.

Yay | to it legally being fall …13 days ago. We love the changing leaves, but soon, campus will shed her bright, summery clothes and trade them in for bleak browns and hazy grays –– just like the rest of us. Sad day.

Nay | to the reemergence of fall illnesses. Break out your tissues, thermometers and blankets and prepare to study under the influence of cold medicine, CSU.

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