Sep 292010
Authors: Nic Turiciano

I wish my parents had listened to music outside the realm of smooth jazz.

Had they, I might be more familiar with Neil Young. That aside, making up for lost time can be pretty fun.

I’ve been listening to Young on and off for the past year and wouldn’t call myself a die-hard fan in any sense.

So I apologize to all the Neil Young devotees out there, because this review was written with pink ears.

Young’s new album “Le Noise” is minimal yet sonically broad. None of the tracks use more than guitar and Young’s signature vocals, using feedback, noise, delay and reverb to fill the empty space.

The album’s first track, “Walk With Me,” opens with the crunch of a guitar tone bent and twisted into an audible punch to the dome. It’s a good launching point for an album that is cohesive from start to finish.

Every one of “Le Noise’s” eight songs is meaty and meaningful. It’s surprising how much Young can say in 38 minutes.

In the album highlight “Hitchhiker,” Young delivers a synopsis of his life in five and one-half minutes with weathered melody and guitar that suit perfectly his tale.

And throughout this album it appears that Young isn’t finished in his quest for a heart of gold, but as evidenced from “Walk With Me’s” lines, “I’ll never let you down no matter what you do if you just walk with me and let me walk with you. I’m on this journey. I don’t want to walk alone,” Young wants his audience to be there until the end.

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