Sep 292010
Authors: Courtney Riley

Colorado State University’s Morgan Library plans on relocating 15-to-20 percent of its collection this winter break, transporting more than 66,000 linear feet of books into the library basement or the Lake Street Bookstore Facility.

End to end, those books would stretch 12.5 miles, or the length of the drive from Hartshorn Health Center to Centerra Parkway in Loveland.

Brian Chase, director of Facilities Management, said this would be the second stage in the process of renovating the Morgan Library. The first was opening bids on the library cafe space, which occurred earlier this semester.

Relocating books in the Morgan Library will help prepare for further renovations in the spring, which Patrick Burns, the library vice president, said, “The main reason [for moving the books] is that it will create great study space.”

This transition will not be enacted until winter break so that students are not disrupted while using the library this semester.

Burns said students would still be able to browse and check out the books after renovations. They will simply be moved into the basement of the Morgan Library and the Lake Street Bookstore Facility.

The areas of books that will be moved are not yet completely decided because designs are still in progress. However, they will be mainly government documents and other books that are not frequently used.

Burns thinks the books will be moved from the third and fourth floors of the library in the southeast corner.

The designs for what exactly is going to replace the books still need to be approved, Chase said.
Will Radigan, a freshman wildlife biology major who works at the library, said he didn’t think students would really notice the books missing from their usual location.

“The only people I really see go up there are people who work in the library,” he said in regards to the third and fourth floor books in the southeast corner.

Ryan Osborn, a junior business major, said he doesn’t even check out books at the library. However, he would notice the extra areas for studying.

“The library could definitely use more space,” Osborn said.

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