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Sep 282010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

One of the better things the Collegian provides is a forum for comments and feedback, whether it’s on the editorials page in the form of a letter to the editor or on the comment boards of our website.

Oh, maybe we should explain to you, loyal print readers, that we do, indeed, have a website. Check it out: Collegian.com.

And we’re proud to provide an outlet for people to express their opinions, even though sometimes it may be very hard to swallow.

The Collegian tries to foster the biggest pool of thoughts and ideas it can, but sometimes people can get a little carried away.

We’d like to advise people who do comment on our website to maintain some level of civility. Most of us can relate to feeling heated on an issue, but
let’s make sure we’re not making bad decisions.

Post under your proper name, or acceptable pseudonym, and a correct e-mail address, and we’ll have no problems.

But when people are defamatory, libelous, inappropriate or off-topic, we reserve the right to not publish your work. We try to comb through our site as often as possible, and when issues arise, we will take down posts.

Not only is being immature on our website a distraction, but it’s selfish, as it denies people with legitimate viewpoints an avenue for commentary.

So be mature, posters, so you all have a chance to allow a wide spectrum of views.

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