Sep 272010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board
  • Yay | to the CSU football team for finally getting one in the win column this weekend. Maybe we should wear the Cheeto-orange jerseys every week.
  • Nay | to the CSU football team having to play Texas Christian this weekend. Don’t let the silly purple uniforms fool you, they will kick Ram tush.
  • Yay | to CSU volleyball for sweeping its matches in Utah this weekend. Football wins, volleyball keeps dominating … what’s happening? We’ve never experienced this before.
  • Nay | to the Colorado Rockies being all-but-knocked-out of the playoffs. On the bright side, we have a new nickname for October: Choke-tober.
  • Yay | to Google turning 12 years old. Its voice is starting to crack; hair is starting to grow in weird places; it’s starting to fill out … Search engines just grow up so fast.
  • Nay | to online stalking. Don’t do it, mmmk? Unless you’re an employer because apparently that’s OK. Or a crazy ex-boyfriend or –girlfriend because you’ve gotta keep tabs … wait.
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