Don’t share too much

Sep 272010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

We don’t want to know that you’re headed to Vegas for the weekend and leaving your cat, Mittens, in charge of the house. But stalkers do.

With all the social media sites begging you to divulge the intimate details of your life to 600 cyber-friends, some of whom are total strangers, it’s important to stay conscious of just who might be looking.

For instance, Facebook gives you the option to leave a phone number and address –– don’t. Why would your “friends” not have a way to contact you? Exactly, they do.

Most of Internet safety is intuitive and a Facebook page or Twitter feed is an open book for people looking to learn more about you. We’re not discouraging the use of social media, but we are asking you to think twice before posting.

There are people out there who will just falk –– Facebook stalk –– you in an innocent way, but others use the information for evil. So being wise is the only real option.

The people who really need to know you’re on a three-hour hike at Rocky Mountain National Park and won’t have cell service are your parents and maybe your roommates. Letting people into your personal life makes you an easy target for those looking to hurt you.

Set your security options so that people you don’t know can’t see your feed or personal information and make it so you have to approve followers on Twitter and sites like Tumblr or Blogspot.

Hey, we’re just lookin’ out for you.

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