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Authors: Michael Elizabeth Sakas

A 6-foot-5-inch man stood on the outdoor stage of Avogadro’s Number on Friday night dressed as a white cat.

Local musician White Cat Pink was the halftime act at the Cupcake Cabaret, an all-girl Fort Collins variety show.

Excitement was in the air as the performers, or Cupcakes, scurried about in their matching purple robes, socializing while the crowd settled in. The glitzy stage stood empty in anticipation, as lights were adjusted and music cued up.

“It’s crazy how everyone can get so buttoned down,” said Cupcake Debutant Julie Redmon. “This allows us to break free.”

The Cupcakes are a group of five dancers that were interested in jazz-style dancing and formed in 2009.

Audience members of varying age and gender filled every seat on the large patio.

The MC of the show took the stage, demanding full attention with his loud scratchy voice, muttonchops and ringleader attire of stripes and suspenders.

The crowd whistled and hooted as nine Cupcake Debutants, a group separate from the Cupcakes, took the stage, adorned in lace, feathers and costume jewelry. They are the students of the Cupcake dance classes, held at the Canyon Concert South Dance Center.

Performer and founding Cupcake Julia DiVerdi, who goes by Lola Begonia on nights like Friday, has been thrilled by the success of the studio’s classes and recital turnouts.

Senior engineering majors Celia Pietsch and Emily Mahon were out looking for a good time, and found it at Avogadro’s.

Pietsch and Mahon would even consider taking the Cupcake’s dance classes.

“We would take them just for something different and fun,” Pietsch and Mahon said.

The Debutants’ choreographed dance routines were set to songs such as “Do You Love Me,” “You’re The One I Want” and “Aint No Sunshine,” combing the old fashioned costumes and atmosphere with contemporary pop, reviving this dated form of entertainment.

It was now the Cupcakes’ turn to shine, as one by one the MC brought them on stage by for the audience’s “full viewing pleasure.”

With curls and heels and elaborate costumes, each of the five ladies were stunning in their own unique ways.

DiVerdi is aware of the connotations associated with burlesque and succinctly qualified the difference between the Cupcake dancers and strippers.

“We are here to entertain, not seduce,” DiVerdi said.

The Cupcakes lead normal lives outside of their unusual night jobs.

“One Cupcake is a electrical engineer and another is a single mom. We have our own lives outside of all this,” DiVerdi said.

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