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Authors: Jordyn Dahl

With the first home football game this Saturday come the first tailgates, which means copious amounts of good times and drunken shenanigans.

And the police will need any help they can get.

To ensure student safety, the Associated Students of CSU developed Positive Impact, a program established in 1991 that aids police in keeping participants safe and out of trouble at the football games, according to the website.

Positive Impact will start up again this Saturday, and directors hope that it will help students to be safe and aware of their actions.

“The program exists to ensure a safe environment before the game, after and during,” said Beau Loendorf, director of Student Services.

Ashley Martin, associate director of student services, said the program gives students an opportunity to look at their actions and make sure students feel safe.

The police and volunteers share a radio system that allows the students to respond to complaints first. Once the volunteers respond to a situation, they either handle it internally or, if necessary, contact police for additional assistance.

“Our main concern is to make sure they’re safe, not to get them in trouble,” Loendorf said.

Positive Impact draws volunteers from Greek life, student organizations and from students who want to participate across campus.

RamRide will be on site in case students try to drive away intoxicated, but they will not be taking phone calls.

Positive Impact is only used at home football games and will be available to assist students in need this Saturday.

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About the program:

What: A program put on by student government to help police regulate students and safety. RamRide is also on the premises for those too intoxicated to drive.

Where: Home football games

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