Misery loves company

Sep 232010

Come one, come all to Hughes Stadium Saturday to watch, well, the most boring show on turf.

That’s right, for the first time this season the CSU football team has an official home game as it hosts the Idaho Vandals, a veteran team with an NFL prospect at quarterback in Nathan Enderle (yikes!).

Sure, CSU may have lost its last 12 games –– an entire season’s worth for you statisticians out there –– but we’ve been told by head coach Steve Fairchild that this team is moving in the right direction, so maybe Saturday is when the Rams start doing something right. Perhaps the offense could score a meaningful touchdown or the defense could slow down a screen play.

And while a victory for the Rams is far from guaranteed this weekend, you should at least come out and support the team as it tries. Seriously, what better things do you have to do at 2 p.m. on Saturday (other than watch No. 1 Alabama take on No. 10 Arkansas)?

We poke fun at the Rams because it’s the only way to remain upbeat about how miserable CSU has been on the football field this season, but make no mistake we love and support this team, even if it’s hard to admit. And as students, you should too.

So come out and cheer for the Rams to end their losing streak this weekend.

And if things start to get ugly, remember CSU will be wearing orange and green jerseys on Saturday. Mix that with the beer Hughes Stadium sells, and you can pretend you are watching the Miami Hurricanes.

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