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Authors: Lianna Salva

Get ready, Rams, CSU Idol is back. It’s time to see who can hit the high notes and who cracks under pressure.

The second round of CSU Idol will take place tonight at 7 p.m. at the Ramskeller in the Lory Student Center.

The first round took place on Sept. 17, where 12 contestants battled it out on the microphone. Audience members voted six performers to move on to the second round, which proved to be a success, event organizers said.

“Well over 100 people attended that night,” said Event Coordinator Nicke Hupp. “The Ramskeller was so full of energy and everyone was so supportive of everyone performing, even if it wasn’t their friends.” 

Round two of the competition will showcase the top 6 contestants that were voted for by audience members of round one. 

The six contestants moving on are: undeclared freshman Alex Norris; freshman business administration major Ben Hilzer; junior zoology major Hunter Reece; junior biomedical sciences major Gillian Ruderman; freshman animal science major Sophia Yelenick; and freshman biomedical science major Shannon Patilla.

“Singing is a big passion for me,” Patilla said. “I’ve been doing it before I could talk.”

The competition helps Patilla and the three other freshmen literally share their voice with the CSU student population.

“I think it’s great,” Patilla said. “Everyone on my floor is supporting me.”

A panel of guest judges will determine which three of the six performing will go on to the final round.

This event is sponsored by ASAP Special Events.

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