Sep 222010
Authors: Compiled by Alexandra Sieh
  • The Humans vs. Zombies game this weekend was better than the sex I’ve been getting. I’m still walking funny.
  • To my professor who told me to tie down my boyfriend in order to study economics: I plan to ace this test.
  • Dear Halo: Reach,
    My girlfriend said I have to pick between you and her. See you tonight.
  • Is it bad that my favorite part of college was also my favorite part of kindergarden: Naps, snack time and boy-girl sleepovers?
  • To the girl in the library picking her nose and eating it: I have some paste if you want to eat that too.
  • To the boy complaining to the kid that got into the VW Bug with four girls: I’m sure his ‘Man’ was up.
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