Rams, rate and save

Sep 222010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

There is nothing worse than finding out halfway through a semester that your professor is the spawn of Satan. Or not, if you’re an Athiest.

Because, let’s face it, even though CSU has a great faculty, there are a select few professors who shouldn’t even run a preschool.

Luckily for you CSU, there is a way to avoid a terrible class, and a possible failing grade, because of an inept professor: RamRatings.com.

This CSU student-created website allows university students to rate their professors in a number of categories. This provides other students with a directory of several university professors that rates the quality of their teaching ability.

There are plenty of students at CSU who use this website as a guide while choosing classes. RamRatings.com has become engrained into the process of choosing classes. It is a tool that can take the stress out of deciding on courses that will occupy an entire semester.

There is no point at depreciating a valuable tool. If there are students out there who don’t already look at RamRatings.com, then start doing it. The site is easy to use and takes the fear out of getting a bad professor.

Also, it’s a perfect way to relieve built-up, burning rage at professors who have harmed you. On the other hand, it’s place where you can give kudos to a faculty member who provided you with a fountain of knowledge and an unforgettable class.

For those Rams out there who already use RamRatings.com, it is imperative to rate teachers honestly and accurately for the site to remain helpful to your peers.

The site is useless if its users are giving professors bad ratings for poor grades from the result of constantly ditching class.

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