Cloud Cult chases meaning

Sep 222010
Authors: Michael Elizabeth Sakas

Recording on lead signer Craig Minowa’s organic farm and touring the U.S. in its solar-paneled van, Cloud Cult has experienced 15 years and eight albums of indie success by staying true to themselves and their sound.

Formed in 1995, the struggles and hardships this group of eight artists has gone through are accumulated, questioned and addressed in their ninth album, “Light Chasers”.

The journey of life itself is their conquest, emphasized with such track names as “The Birth,” “The Interference” and “The Dawn.”

After a quiet and lovely violin intro, the opening lyrics are slowly sung: “We’ve been searching for our whole life… I heard the captain say, ‘The more I know the less I’m knowing’.”

This beginning sets the tone for the rest of the album, as each song melts into the other with “the captain” at the hull, parting the seas of the unknown for Cloud Cult to explore.

Minowa’s artistically strained voice whispers and yells lyrics about birth, life, death and discovery over orchestra-like violin, cello and horn pieces.

Their ability to combine acoustic gurgling baby lullabies and raucous rock tunes yelling about “A Room Full of People in Your Head,” is an impressive element of this album.

The classic Cloud Cult sound and style is also appreciated, although tunes like “Today We Give Ourselves to the Fire” sound so alike to past songs that it is impossible to ignore the redundancy.

As the album comes to its end, a simple conclusion is found: “It is what it is, you are what you are, just try to enjoy your day.”

This is what Cloud Cult has discovered through “Light Chasers,” and their own journey as a band.

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