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Authors: Jordyn Dahl

Student government Vice President Jennifer Babos is breaking a long-term precedent by not chairing Senate during her term, a job that has been done by the Vice President in the past.

Babos is the first to make this move and says she’s doing it to move her position in a new direction.

“We wanted things to change, and that means challenging the status quo,” Babos said. “Historically the vice president has been the leadership of Senate, and that creates a rift between Senate and Cabinet.”

A rift that President Cooper Anderson also said typically became a problem with past administrations.

Both executives stressed that they wished to see change within the Associated Students of CSU and challenge the standards that have been put into place.

“I wouldn’t look at this as a negative. I would look at this as something new,” Cooper said.

Babos said she is able to do more things with her position now that she is not fulfilling her role as speaker of the Senate, including improving relations with the Cabinet and student body.

“I’m doing more historically than vice presidents have done in the past,” Babos said.

When asked what she has done in lieu of running Senate, Babos said she has held monthly meetings with the administration to discuss interpersonal violence, one of the major issues on her running ballot.

Many disagree with that sentiment, saying they don’t feel the vice president is doing the job she was elected to do.

“I have to question her decision,” said Senator Keegan Schulz. “I believe that the vice president’s job is to run Senate.”

He alluded to the fact that if anyone else came into the office and stated that they would not be performing a portion of their job, there would be quick action and they would possibly be fired.

“ASCSU doesn’t have a lot of paid positions compared to the amount of people we have,” Schulz said. “Those who are paid really should do their job.”

Babos gets paid $7,250 for her term as vice president compared to the $1,000 the speaker pro tempore gets, the person who has been filling in as speaker of the Senate.

Mary Peterson is this year’s speaker pro tempore and doesn’t seem to have a problem with Babos not running Senate or the difference in pay.

“The reason I don’t have a problem with it is because she does so much,” Peterson said.

Babos has extended an invitation to meet with anyone who wishes to discuss her decision with her.

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