Sep 222010
Authors: Jordyn Dahl

Student government Wednesday night passed a bill restructuring its program for freshmen, Ram Leadership.

The program was put in place to get freshmen involved and give them the opportunity to develop leadership skills that would be put to use in the Associated Students of CSU and other organizations on campus.

Ram Leadership underwent a makeover in the Senate meeting to make it more applicable for ASCSU and increase retention.

“It’s more geared towards getting (the students) prepared for ASCSU,” said Dominic Lajoie, associate director of Leadership Development.

ASCSU President Cooper Anderson is hoping the program will prepare freshmen to be in student government until their senior year and improve ASCSU in the future.

“This would benefit the organization long term by building up the skills and culture necessary,” Anderson said.

ASCSU is still accepting applications until 5 p.m. Friday. To apply, go to

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