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Sep 212010
Authors: Sean Bucher

Last night the University Center for the Arts played host to guests looking to receive insight into painting and sculptures on display as part of the “Essential Forms: Intricate Meanings Geometric Abstraction from the Permanent Collection” exhibit.

Linny Frickman, curator of the museum, guided attendees through multiple works from different decades. And what the space lacked in size, Frickman more than made up for in insight into the works on display.

“I had seen the exhibit before but wanted to learn more about the pieces,” said John Fitchen, a Fort Collins resident.  “I think people work very hard to create these pieces and convey what they think and feel. I want to give them my attention.”

David Batchelor’s work, a large glowing yellow staff titled
“Idiot Stick” drew the attention of Fitchen, who thought the reasoning behind it was particularly interesting.

“The piece plays on society’s fear of color and its association with drugs and taboo items,” Fitchen said.

A wide array of artwork was on display, including a work from Vance Kirkland, Colorado native and founder of Denver University’s Art School.

“It’s so emotional. We don’t normally pair geometry with emotion,” said Lauren Cochenour, a CSU federal associate.  “I like this stuff because it doesn’t have figures. It’s left to your interpretation.”

Cochenour was drawn to Kirkland’s piece because of its use of purples and reds, and its general lack of continuity.  

“Essential Forms” will be on display until Sept. 24.

“I had no idea what to expect,” said Britton Bounds, who is working on her second bachelor’s degree in art.  “There’s a lot of good abstraction and non-representational pieces.”

Attendees Bounds and Fitchen said they look forward to the next installment of Tasteful Tuesday, which will take place on Oct. 19 and feature artwork from the South Seas titled “Where Water Meets Land.”

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