Sep 202010
Authors: Anna Baldwin and Eugene Daniels

By Anna Baldwin

I want you to tell the truth, and nothing but the truth for one whole day. You failed, didn’t you?

That’s because everyone lies. I could be deceiving you right now, but you’d never know. But lying is bad, so don’t do it. OK, end of column.

Or maybe not. So, this week’s column might seem similar to what I wrote about last Tuesday, and that’s just fine. I think that it’s an important issue. It is definitely one worth mentioning again.

Lying to your partner while in a relationship is really bad. Eugene and I agree on this, but I will go a step further and say that a partner lying in a big way, or maybe just continuously, is not something that always deserves forgiveness. Dishonesty violates the first notions about intimacy, and why waste time in a relationship that allows for deception? You are worth more than that.

I personally believe that I am a forgiving person. This could be either a good or bad thing, but too many times I have been lied to by a man, and it’s getting kind of old.

The first thing I think of is: What did I do that caused this? I always end up making excuses for the other person and putting the blame on myself. Then I start harboring thoughts that I am a terrible person, and that I should probably just not talk anymore because all I do is cause problems.

I have felt all this uncertainty about myself because of a lie. Regardless of the circumstances for the untruthfulness, I should have not been feeling that uneasiness and self-doubt, especially if it’s due to someone who is supposed to be my number one fan.

My solution is to protect myself first and avoid those types of people.

I do not owe these men the gift of forgiveness, and any man that causes these feelings in another person should be handled with care.

By Eugene Daniels

Liars suck. That’s the truth. They just plain suck. Lying is a sure-fire way to get on my list of sucky people.

It makes no sense for people to lie. Tell the truth. Because when you lie it’ll make people doubt anything you have ever said or ever will say. Might as well tell the truth. In my opinion, there are three types of liars and here they are world:

The first are those I like to call “unnecessary liars.” They are the people who come up to you with a lie. Probably about how great their life is or how horrible it is.

No one asks them any questions about anything; they just come up to you and start fabricating stories. It’s the weirdest damn thing in the world.

The next group of lying asses is what I like to call the “don’t ever, ever trust them” type of liars. These are the people who, no matter what you ask them, they can’t seem to find the truth. They usually lie about the heavy stuff though.

These liars are usually found in relationships.

We all know them and have more than likely dated them. Hell, one of you reading this is probably one of them. Lying in a relationship, whether it is a friendship or more, is dumber than being an unnecessary liar. If you can’t trust your friend or your significant other, then what is wrong with the world?

Lastly there is the group called “the white liars.”

What the hell is a white lie anyway? I have never received the “Lie Spectrum,” and as far as I know one doesn’t exist. And if there is one, can someone tell me where I can pick it up because I hate being out of the loop.

Back to my point. White lying is dumb too. Life is too short to lie in general, but even shorter for those who lie about stupid stuff.

If someone asks you: “Do I look stupid in this?” either tell the truth or change the subject.

How about my personal favorite: “Do I look fat in this?”

Now men, this is the most dangerous question known to the human race. There is no right answer. If you say yes, she will cuss you out for 15 minutes, but if you say no and she thinks she does, you still lose.

The best way to handle that question is: “Baby, you look great in anything.”

This will create a great segue into her telling you how sweet and thoughtful you are and will save you from all bullets, knives or arrows she is thinking about throwing at you.

So just tell all people the truth. It is much better for everyone involved.

And to all the liars, if you tell one lie you always have to tell another and another to cover up the first one you told. So remember, the truth shall set you free.

Or at least keep you off my list of sucky people.

Anna Baldwin is a senior journalism major, and Eugene Daniels is a junior journalism major. Mars vs. Venus appears Tuesdays in the Collegian. Letters and feedback can be sent to

But there is a difference between not forgiving and holding grudges. Holding a grudge is not effective in any situation. Holding a grudge is not the same as interacting courteously with the person but not again allowing him or her the privilege of a close relationship.

My conclusion is simply that men lie. Not all men, but it’s been proven to me many times that it’s OK to be a little picky.

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